October 2013 Litter

October 2013 Litter

On October 20th, Dolce gave birth to seven beautiful, healthy puppies. This litter was sired by Veno, and the pups are all F1B Labradoodles. There are two chocolate males, two chocolate females, two cream females, and one black female. They were ready to go home to their new families on December 20th (just in time for Christmas!).

Newborn Puppies

The puppies  at three days old.


The following people bought the puppies from this litter:

  1. Robby: River
  2. Angela: Puppy F
  3. Rachel
  4. Mark & Ellen
  5. Kinsey
  6. Edie: Charlie
  7. Shelli

The Puppies at 4 Weeks Old:

Puppy A: Cream Female

Puppy B: Cream Female

Puppy C: Black Female

Puppy D: Chocolate Male

Charlie - Going home with Edie! Puppy E: Chocolate Male

Going home with Angela! Puppy F: Chocolate Female

River - Going home with Robby! Puppy G: Chocolate Female